The F.I.L.M. Army October 2010 Edition: The Beauty Of The Slow Clap

There are few things more unabashedly cheesy and yet so roundly loved and adored like the slow clap. Seriously, start one up wherever you are right now. In the office, the gym, the bus, whatever. Just start it up and see how long you can keep it going. Clearly you will inspire all those around you. Inspire them to what is up to fate, and the courts, to decide.

Lots of newcomers this month, as Box Office Poison’s Nate is off exploring the Land Of Moose And Meth while Jay still hasn’t returned from his walkabout. Ian Anderson falls on his sword and defends Transformers 2, while (not-Bop) Nate Willar tells us why The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo is horrible date movie. Evan returns from CECE with highlights from his interviews of Caroline Munro, Bonnie Piesse and Gerald Home, while Courtney celebrates the new football season without a hint of grid-irony. I actually feel dirty having wrote that.

Uncut versions of the interviews and more will be found at our Youtube channel later this week.

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