The F.I.L.M. Army November 2010 Edition: The Politics Of Ranting

…the politics of oooooh feeling good (about being right).

What the F.I.L.M. Army lacks in rhyming ability, they make up for in sheer movie netcasting might. And this month that might is enhanced with the help of a raft of special guests. James Vorstenbosch of the unaffiliated-but-still-pretty-cool Film Army (real men use acronyms) talks with Evan about how his group helps young Canadian filmmakers and which Canadian films everyone should see. Nate returns with a big fat sack of House Of The Dead, the best movie about zombie pirates since that one with the guy from 21 Jump Street. And if that wasn’t enough, Chris from Blogulator and Bald Bryan from The Film Vault join Courtney and Evan in the War Room, where a bunch of white men talk about politics. Typical.

This month’s soundtrack was provided by Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, available on DVD and Blu-Ray November 9th.

Even Canadians can appreciate the value of a free 2 week trial of Netflix. Not only does it help support the F.I.L.M. Army, it makes it easier to see all those random movies we mention during the show. You did right them all down, right? For those cadets with smart phones, be sure to find us on Stitcher, the free podcast radio app for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Palm Pre. Dumb phones need not apply.

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