The F.I.L.M. Army: May 2010 Edition

Continuing with our tradition with emulating film franchises, this third installment of The F.I.L.M. Army is overlong and either a landmark episode in its own right, or a sad reminder of past glories. So, will we be Return Of The King or Spiderman 3? It’s too bad we couldn’t get Dokken to do our theme song this time, as that is the best indicator of success in all things, film or otherwise.

Pop Up Blocker: 2010 Clash Of The Titans review – Courtney

Cole Kohler of Snack Attack Samurai Interview – Evan

Box Office Poison: The Adventures Of Pluto Nash – Nate

Lights, Cameron, Action: The Last Song – Cameron

War Room: Summer Movie Preview – Jay, Jeff, Evan, and Tom Brazelton of

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