The F.I.L.M. Army: April 2010 Edition

Following the rule of cinema that the second of anything is better than the first (The Empire Strikes Back, Godfather 2, Crank 2), this second iteration of The F.I.L.M. Army is even better than the first one! Titans will clash! Guests will guest! And mic troubles will keep Evan from participating meaningfully in this month’s War Room. We suspect Communist sabotage.


When Harry Met Calibus: 1981’s Clash of The Titans review – Courtney

Box Office Poison: All About Steve – Nate

Beginner’s Guide To Bollywood – Meghan Wilker

Never Grow Old: Why The Lost Boys Is Amazing – Evan

Lights, Cameron, Action: Remember Me – Cameron

War Room: Remakes – Jeff, Jay, Chase Shumway of Who Asked You?, and Evan (sort of).

Intersegment music was provided by The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus, available on DVD April 27th.

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