Issue 5 – Gods Doing Stuff, Stuff

Hey you! We’re back. Because YOU demanded it! We know you missed us.  We missed you!

Lisa, Adam, and See You In 30 have returned from a long, unintended, hiatus. And, oh, what a month they came back on!  November has been crazy for the comic book industry. The dynamic duo discuss the following topics:

Thor Ragnarok

The Avengers: Infinity War trailer

Justice League

Marvel Sales vs. DC sales and what the industry can do to get more comics in front of more eyeballs!

Doomsday Clock from DC Comics

Brian Michael Bendis signing exclusive with DC Comics

Axel Alonso out as Editor-in-Chief and C.B. Cebulski in as the new EiC at Marvel

Marvel’s failure to successfully launch their Legacy initiative.

Thanks as always to Fancy Pants Gangsters for hosting the show! And, to The Source Comics & Games for promoting us in their weekly newsletter.

Opening and closing tunes provided by NYC’s own The Pandemics!

See You In 30!