Season 4 Episode 6 – The Creature In Your Neighborhood by Jim C Hines

Tonight, Redshift concludes its fourth season with a truly special Halloween story brought to you by our friends at Apex Magazine. A monster stalks the shadows of Imaginationville, and it’s up to the puppets to come together and find The Creature In Your Neighborhood by Jim C Hines.


The Narrator – Denis Zastera
Mrs. Johnson – Amanda Milbradt
Gobbler – Chad David
Bobby Bunny – Michael Johnson
Grumpus – Heather Zastera
Mall Rats – Angela Dumalag
Rolly – Pedro Juan Fonseca
Leslie – Alanna Ubach
Rainbow – Lauren Haven
Googol – Pam Torgrimson
The Mathemagician – Gary Brown
Tommy The Talking Tuba – John Martino
Peter Pretendasaurus – Paul Christian
Mike Deneen as The Man in The Moon

Imaginationville theme by eliosmusic8364803. Music cues by Paul Christian.

Produced in association with Apex Magazine. Co-produced by Christa Yelich-Koth.

Recorded at Minnehaha Recording Company.