Season 4 Episode 4 – Trixie And The Pandas Of Dread by Eugie Foster

Tonight, Redshift sits on the shoulder of a goddess who’s lacking some of that divine will. Can a pep talk with her fellow god and an encounter with an unexpected acolyte help her get her mojo back? Bow your head in prayer for Trixie And The Pandas Of Dread by Eugie Foster.


Trixie – Vann Daley
Tablet – Dan Marta
Roy Ehler – Charlie Coleman
Bo Bae – Pam Torgrimson
Cherubs – Gary Brown
Tom Ehler – Gary Brown
Marissa Ehler – Nicole Lambright
Caley Ehler – Angela Dumalag
Nydia – Heather Zastera
Sexy Waiter – Chad David

Music Credit: Tickle Torture and Har Mar Superstar

Art Credit: Rachel Bowland Ulstad

Produced in association with Apex Magazine. Co-produced by Christa Yelich-Koth.

Recorded at Minnehaha Recording Company.