Out Of Step Epside 16 – We’re Not The First, I Hope We’re Not The Last

Hey gang.  I want to let everyone know that this is going to be the last Out of Step Podcast.  It has been great for the last few months and thanks so much for listening and spreading the word.  It is a bittersweet ending for me, but I really think it is the right thing to do. When I took the show to the podcast realm, I knew it would be more work than when we were on the radio. We were basically putting everything together on our own and this meant that everything was a bit more work.  I’ll save the gory details and just say that the main reason is that to do the show I want to do. That is to say, a show that is full of interviews, live bands and that is entertaining for you as a listener has just become far too time consuming for me at this point. I love the show, I love the music, and especially love the listeners, but I firmly believe that if I can’t do a show that is up to my quality and content standards, I don’t want to do one at all. I don’t think that the quality has dropped, but I could see that it was going to sometime soon, at least from where I am sitting.  Like I said, the amount of work and time commitment has just gotten to be more than I can handle.  So, I want to say thanks to the bands, sponsors, and of course, the listeners for coming along for the podcast.  I know I’ll miss it alot, so thanks for making it worth doing for all these years.

It is a bit longer show this time as I wanted to squeeze in alot of my favorites. We had a good time making it, so I hope you enjoy it. Thanks again for all the support!

Off With Their Heads – Theme Song – Hospitals
Dillinger Four – Folks Song – Situationist Comedy
Mean Jeans – Total Creep – Are Your Serious?
The Lillingtons – Lillington High – Lillington High
The Queers – Born to Do Dishes – Don’t Back Down
Screeching Weasel – My Brain Hurts – My Brain Hurts
Ex Humans – Islands – Ex Humans
Carbonas – Didn’t Tell You a Lie – Carbonas
The Busy Signals – Kiss and Tell – The Busy Signals
Beat Beat Beat – Don’t Tell Me Now – Living in the Future
The Bronx – Heart Attack American – The Bronx
Turbonegro – Selfdestructo Bust – Apocalypse Dudes
The Riverboat Gamblers – The Art Of Getting Fucked Over – Backsides
The Devil Dogs – Baby I’m a King – 30 Sizziling Slabs
Ratsia – Elämän Syke – Elämän Syke
Eppu Normaali – Jee Jee – Jee Jee
Troublemakers – Mammas Flickor – Göteborg
Slime – Störtebeker – Alle Gegen Alle
Kakka-Hätä 77 – Vuosisadan Rakkaustarina – Huoltoasemalle Unohdettu Mies
Idle Hands – Make It Better – Postponed
No Hope for the Kids – Kolyma – No Hope for the Kids
Dean Dirg – Can’t Tell Me – Raus!
The Marked Men – We Wont Talk About it – Marked Men
MOTO – Gonna Get Drunk Tonight – Raw Power
Vee Dee – TV Police – Further
Tranzmitors – Look What You’re Doing To Me – Look What You’re Doing To Me
The Exploding Hearts – I’m a Pretender – Guitar Romantic
Cleveland Bound Death Sentence – Baltimore – Cleveland Bound Death Sentence
Mr. T Experience – I Just Wanna Do it With You – Love is Dead
The Soviettes – Go Lambs Go! – Soviettes
Cock Sparrer – We’re Coming Back – Shock Troops

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