Out Of Step Episode 9 – Rock Legends Join Podcast Legends: The Dwarves on Out of Step!

This is big gang. This week, we welcome the first live band of the Out of Step podcast era and it is none other than Rock Legends: The Dwarves! The last time they were on it was up there as one of my favorite in-studios of all time and by far my favorite interview I’ve done. This one doesn’t disappoint either. HUGE thanks to the Dwarves for coming in and thanks to Matt Castore, proprietor of A Harder Commune Studios. If you are looking to record your band, get in touch with him at

The Vicious – Obsessive – Obsessive
Wax Museums – Mad Gasser – Eye Times
Bad Sports – Face Like That – Bad Sports
The Aggravation – Controlled – Pressure EP
The Bayonettes – Stuck in This Rut – Stuck in This Rut
School Jerks – 4-F – Control
Male Nurses – Religious Hypnotist
La Piovra – Risacca – The First Discovered Treasures
Annihilation Time – Feel It – Cosmic Unconsciousness
Under Pressure – Come Clean – Come Clean
Gauze – Pressing On – Gauze
Crow – Vertigo – Vertigo
Assault – Break Through – Assault
Organism – Humanity – Hope
Mixtapes – I Was a Teenage Poltergeist – Mixtapes/Direct Hit! Split

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