Out Of Step Episode 8 – Adam Flies Solo Again

Just you and your old pal Adam for this one. Brand new stuff from Night Birds and Night Fever plus some Out of Step stand-bys like Dean Dirg, Manikins, The Thumbs and More! I will also say, do not miss next week’s show (well, you really shouldn’t miss any of them. Aaaaannnnnyways….) as we will have the first in-studio of the podcast era: rock legends The Dwarves! I am beyond psyched for this one. Be sure to listen!

The Dwarves – Happy Birthday Suicide – The Dwarves Are Born Again
Night Birds – Landfill Land – The Other Side of Darkness
The Formaldehyde Junkies – Nuke the Frats – …are a Total Wreck
Night Fever – Transparent – Transparent EP
Strike To Survive – Energy Vampires – Demo
The Credentials – Descending The Garbage Chute – Show ‘Em The Hand Vol. II
The Immigrants – Making An End Today – Far From Home
Accelerators – Borrowed Time – Accelerators
The Thumbs – All Lesser Devils – All Lesser Devils EP
Oak & Bone – Acid Coffin – Oak & Bone LP
The Aframes – Futureworld – Aframes2
400 Blows – The Secret Life – Angel’s Trumpets And Devil’s Trombones
Diet Cokeheads – High Country – Nasal
Dean Dirg – We’re Ok – Verpisst
Henry Fiat’s Open Sore – Don’t Try This at Home – The Parallel Universe of…
The Toyotas – No Likes Me Messin Around – Make Headlines
Manikins – Epileptic – Epileptic
Catholic Boys – Hurt To Hate – Hurt to Hate
Damnation Kids – Runaway – Runaway
Live Fast Die – Forged in Flames (1776) – Guitar Star
Boston Chinks – Coltrane – Coltrane
The Shirks – On Time – Cry Cry Cry
Sloppy Seconds – You Can’t Kill Joey Ramone – You Can’t Kill Joey Ramone

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