Out Of Step Episode 7 – Special Guest Tyler from Mall’d to Death and Triple Crossed

This week, Tyler from local pop punkers Mall’d to Death and 80s style Triple Crossed joins us to take the reigns and spin records.

Dillinger Four – Contemplate This on the Tree of Woe – C I V I L W A R
Radon – Write Back or Get Smacked – Metric Buttloads of Rock
The Lillingtons – All I Hear is Static – The Too Late Show
Scared of Chaka – All My Friends are Ghosts – Tired of You
Fifteen – Helter Smelter – Buzz
J Church – Quickstep – One Mississippi
Dead to Me – Ran That Scam – Little Brother EP
Crimpshrine – Rearranged – The Sound of a New World Being Born
Banner Pilot – Empty Lot – Collapser
Mall’d to Death – Blood for Gas Money – Can’t Make a Living
Toys That Kill – Little Bit Stranger – The Citizen Abortion
JFA – Zimbobway – Untitled
Heat Tape – Quotes from an Unopened Letter – Raccoon Valley Recordings
Jawbreaker – The Boat Dreams from the Hill – 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
Bracket – 2Rakoo5 – Live in a Dive
The Hollowpoints – Shea Politika – Old Haunts On The Horizon
Paint It Black – Womb Envy – CVA

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