Out Of Step Episode 15 – The Safe Word Is…

This week, Jeremy. drummer for the Minneapolis band, Safewords joins us to guest DJ and talk about his current bands (and some from the bast).

Wives – Babies – Erect The Youth Problem
Teenage Bottlerocket – A Bomb – Total
Gaunt – Breakin Down – Yeah, Me Too
XBXRX – Gold Cross – Sixth in Sixes
Dead Meat – By Myself – Early Recordings
Mount Shasta – Double Barrol Cactus
Saccharine Trust – I Am Right
Pissed Jeans – False Jesii Part 2
Wire – Sand in My Joints
New Labor – Space Race
OFF! – Black Thoughts
Thee Oh Sees – Ghost in the Trees
Race Bannon – II – Satan’s Kickin’ Yr Dick In
Toys that Kill – Illegitimate
Wrangle Brutes – 45 – Zulu
Enemy Mine – TRCR – Enemy Mine
Minute Men – Little Man with Gun – Post-Mersh, Vol. 2
Monorchid – ??? – Let them Eat
Skull Kontrol – New Rock Critic – Deviate Beyond All Means Of Capture
Ganglion – Thinning the Herd – Of the Deep
Ass – No Escape- Ass
Die Electric – Man Outside – Mpls
Dynamiters – Oh No – Push Pull
Safewords – Hiroshima Lovers – Unreleased
Regulations – Go Nowhere – Electric Guitar

Out Of Step and Fancy Pants Gangsters are sponsoring the Sound Unseen Music And Film Festival from October 12th through the 16th. Screenings include The Other F Word and a 25th Anniversary print of Sid and Nancy. More details can be found at

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