Out Of Step Episode 13 – Short, Fast N Loud

A shorter show this week, but no less awesome. Start it off with an all-local garage set and it goes from there. Obscure Yugoslavian punk? Check! A band named after a legendary Russian war-bear? Check! Strap in and check it out!

Pekinska Patka – Ruzan Pametan I Mlad
Voytek – Saturday Night Again
Teenage Moods – Yellow War
Teenage Strangler – Unstable World
Bombay Sweets – I Take You Alone
Social Circkle – Security Force
Male Nurses – Red White Blue
TV Evangelists – Farewell Falwell
Regulations – In the Shadow of the Mall
Personal and the Pizzas – I Don’t Wanna Be No Personal Pizza
Captain 9’s & the Knickerbocker Trio – I Think I Wanna Be
The Rip Offs – Cops
Naked Raygun – Burning Red
M.O.T.O. – Kissing All the Wrong Asses
That’s Incredible – It’s All Good
Pinhead Gunpowder – West Side Highway
Trigger-Happy Cowboys – Chrome & Honour
Sheena and The Rokkets – “涙のハイウェイ
Kakka-Hätä 77 – Samaa Paskaa Aina Vaan
Sceptres – Snake

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