Out Of Step Episode 12 – Cries For Attention

This week, after starting the show with a questionable track it can only get better right (Sorry Nate, even after listening back, I still am not feeling it)?  All that plus you get will learn about the REAL reason Adam does Out of Step!  

Invasionen – Korrumperat – Hela Världen Brinner
Bad Sports – Get My Head – Kings Of The Weekend
Hex Dispensers – Personality X-Ray – Sister Series, Vol. 3
Forgetters – Vampire Lessons – Forgetters
Fleshies – Gay Holiday – Scrape The Walls
Brain Tumors – Unpaid – Brain Tumors
Much Worse – Tarred Lungs – Absolute Nightmare
Double Negative – Endless Disappointment – Daydreamnation
Deaf Mutations – Crash the Clubs – Crash the Clubs
Complete Control – Locked In – Reaction
Wasted – Down and Out – It Wont Go Away
Trouble – Youth Is Wasted By The Young – Nobody Laughs Anymore
Modern Action – Molotov Solution – Molotov Solution
Red Dons – A Forced Turning Point – A Forced Turning Point
Insomnio – The Spark – Happy Loneliness
Sedatives – Human Beings – Human Beings
Bloody Gears – End of the Line – End of the Line
Los Explosivos – Se Apago – Los Explosivos
Perfect Fits – Songs About Girls – Songs About Girls
FM Knives – 16 D.O.A. – Useless & Modern
Hard Skin – Me And The Boys – Hard Nuts And Hard Cunts

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