Issue 4 – Indonesian Politics!

It’s been another month and Lisa & Adam are back on the couch to bring you all the comic news, previews, and reviews from the Twin Cities Comic Scene! Welcome to another installment of See You in 30!

To start the show off Lisa indicates she’s excited about the return of the Dying and the Dead from Image Comics! Adam then joins in on the fun and brings up a crop of comic book movies releasing between now and November!

They then jump into the Issues and oh boy did Marvel put their foot in it this last month! Diversity doesn’t sell! People don’t care for artist! Indonesian politics!

Plus a surprise appearance by Gracie Vermillion!

Lisa’s Pull List:
Secret Empire
The Button
Red Neck
Bitch Planet
Black Monday Murders
Hadrian’s Wall
Spencer & Locke

Adam’s Pull List, All Vault Comic Edition:
Fail Safe
Karma Police

Thanks as always to Fancy Pants Gangsters for hosting the show! And to The Source Comics & Games for promoting us in their weekly news letter.

See You In 30!