Issue 3 – I’m On Board

The last Wednesday of the month is here and it’s time for a new See You In 30!

Lisa has returned from ECCC (cccccccc) and has some stories to share.

This month we preview the upcoming Image Comics series Black Cloud. It’s a beautiful looking book but we have no idea what’s going on in it yet. That’s a good thing!

The unsung heroes of the comics world, colorists and letterers, get some love from your delightful duo which leads to a discussion about what matters more when buying a comic book: the story/character/line or the creative teams telling those stories!

Adam also Nerd Rages on people a little too upset over the Nazi Magneto variant cover.

Lisa’s Pull List:
Eleanor and the Egret (April 5th)
Little Archie One-Shot
Jughead: The Hunger
Secret Empire

Adam’s Pull List:
Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie
The Once and Future Queen
Think Tank

Thanks for listening! See You In 30!