Girl Germs Episode 15 – Zine Machines

Have you heard? Girl Germs is sponsoring Twin Cities Zinefest, a celebration of all things handmade and DIY, this Saturday, Sept. 24. Along with dozens of artists, graphic novelists and writers, we’ll be on hand at the Powderhorn Park building in Minneapolis spreading the Girl Germs gospel and handing out swag (like some gorgeous buttons we made!). On this week’s episode, Anna and Dana chat with Lacey Prpic-Hedtke, a librarian, artist and zinester who is the organizer of this year’s Zinefest. She tells us what a zine is, where to find them and even gives some zine recommendations for Girl Germs listeners. She also picked the music for this episode—all of it DIY, much of it local.

Find out more about Zinefest here, and read an article Dana wrote about Twin Cities zine culture here! If you’re not in the Twin Cities, the Zinefest website is still a great resource to find out more about self-publishing and links to other zine festivals across the country. Also check out the Fly Away Zine Mobile website and Microcosm Publishing.

The Gits – Guilt Within Your Head (Enter: The Conquering Chicken)
The Blow – Hey Boy (Paper Television)
Headgirl (Girlschool and Motorhead) – Please Don’t Touch (St. Valentine’s Day Massacre EP)
Best Friends Forever – Tour Magic (Romance Conflict Adventure)
Velveteens – Mama (Demo)
DNR – Trying to Get Better (Demo)
Dead Moon – The 99s (Dead Ahead)
Katey Red – Ugly Buggin Me (Ugly Buggin Me single)
Quintron and Miss Pussycat – Waterfall (Too Thirsty 4 Love)
Chokecherry – Singing Along to the Radio (In the Wine Press)
CLAPS –  Glory, Glory (Moon Glyph 2011 Sampler)

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