Girl Germs Episode 14 – New Girls On The Block, Part Deux

We’re devoting another episode of Girl Germs to up-and-coming artists! On today’s show Dana and Anna play some of our new favorites from all over the world, including Europe (JC Satan), the Pacific Northwest (Electrik Emily, Lovers), Los Angeles (Hecuba, Pollyn) and Australia (HTRK), as well as some new-old faves like Bleached, which formed out of the ashes of Mika Miko. Enjoy the show, and here’s hoping you find your new favorite band!

Bleached – Think of You (“Carter” 7”)
JC Satan – Prehistoric Love (Sick of Love)
Talk Normal – Mosquito (Sugarland)
Cotton Candy – Top-Notch and First-Rate (Top-Notch and First-Rate)
HTRK – Eat Yr Heart (Work Work Work)
Lovers – Don’t You Want it (Dark Night)
Electrik Emily – I Don’t Wanna Be (A Rock & Roll Star) (Radio Active)
Pollyn – How Small We Are (Living in Patterns)
Seapony – Into the Sea (Go With Me)
Smoke Fairies – Frozen Heart (Ghosts)
Hecuba – La Musica (Paradise)
Grimes- Vanessa (Darkbloom 7”)

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