Ep. 735 – Wait, It’s Already 2024?

Boy these things just sneak up on you, don’t they?

A mere 4 months in the making, this year’s Best Of awards were recorded live from Ramen Kazama in front of a live audience of a handful of hipsters, some beardy chefs, and the ghost of at least one disappointed family member. The guys also talk about anime, Dave’s birthday brunch tour, and of course, lemon bars.

The Best Of 2024

Bear Cave Brewing  (Episode 695)
AltBurger (Episode 723)
La Mesa (Episode 701)
Eat Street Crossing (Episode 709)
Gai Noi (Episode 713)
Velee (Episode 698)
King Coil Spirits (Episode 722)
Creekside Supper Club (Episode 726)
Rosalia (Episode 700)

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