Ep. 733 – Nape Of The Woods

Not to be confused with the crook of the river or the grundling of the swamp.

Earl Giles was a bootlegger and therefore criminal reprobate but he’s been dead a long time and lends his name to some mean cocktails, so we’ll let it slide this time. In the intervening century plus, his descendants opened up the Distillery which bears his name which plays host this week to two other criminal reprobates.

Evan gives a review of a drink of a more sodular variety in the forms of Coke Spiced and bestows his “wisdom of the ancients” in the form of sleep advice for Dave, whom the bony hand of time has given the old Three Stooges eye poke. The standard parenting stories and mac-and-cheese discussion prevails yet again because we are, in fact, simple creatures.

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