Ep. 6 – Ladies of the Small Screen

Has C&C become victim of the dreaded reboot? Is this the ALL NEW ALL DIFFERENT CAPES & CREPES?

Nope, our good friend Michael Deneen was kind enough to keep Adam’s regular seat at Golden’s Deli warm for him while he’s off attending to family in Iowa.
The introductions lead into deep insight into balancing purchasing print comics versus digital, and how buying one way doesn’t exclude the other format. Dan and Michael then transition into a rundown on two of the most interesting shows on television right now: Agent Carter and iZombie. Fantastic television that deserves to be in your Hulu queue!

Conversation then turns to the monthly books, as Dan raves about the new SPIDER-MAN comic staring Miles Morales by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli). Keeping with the “Spider” theme, Dan also talks a little SPIDER-GWEN by the crazy talented team of Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez!
Michael uses his tablet to talk about the brand-new SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL book by Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness! Michael gives listeners a solid background on just who this Deadpool fella is, and why you won’t be able to escape his craziness for the foreseeable future! We wrap up the comic talk with a look at the wrap up of the PUNISHER run by Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads)!

Thanks as always to Golden’s Deli and Crimespree Magazine for their support!