Ep. 43 – Avengers Infinity War

What JUST Happened? Your hosts discuss Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War. We’ll discuss the major plot points and new relationships, as well as give you our overall reviews.

NOTE: THIS EPISODE IS ALL SPOILERS! Do not listen if you’ve not seen the movie!


As always, we’ll also discuss recent Disney news, which this week includes:

  • Tom’s are releasing a new line of Disney inspired shoes. They’ll feature designs from Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.
  • It’s being reported that Li Shang will not be in the new live action Mulan film. Fans are understandable distraught.
  • The songwriters behind The Greatest Showman sound track have signed on to develop new original songs for the upcoming live action Aladdin film.
  • Walt Disney World has released it’s free dinning dates for the latter part of 2018.
  • A new Star Wars show has been announced for Disney XD: Star Wars Resistance.


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