Ep. 144 – Sean Chiplock

Brought to you eventually by ADD!

Sean Chiplock is a proud member of what we call the Toonami Generation, and he took his upbringing in the Upper Midwest and late nights aboard the Absolution into a life of anime screaming, convention screaming, and just general loudness.

Sean talks with Evan about his roles in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Re:Zero/Isekai Quartet and Genshin Impact, what the impact of Genshin has been like (see what I did there?) and why the 7100th boss battle is often the hardest.

PS there’s a quick message about Carey Means, who due to technical difficulties on our part was not able to be included in this show. We’ll get him back on shortly, we promise. In the mean time you can help him out at the link above.

Opening Song – Charge! Fearless Warriors by Yu-Peng Chen
Closing Song – Bebop Rocksteady (Demo) by The Prizefighters

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