Ep. 140 – David Bateson (Part 1)

The name ‘David Bateson’ is just a whisper on the lips of the dead.

Actually, for legal reasons we can’t say that any dead person has ever whispered David’s name, but it sounds cool, doesn’t it? The star of the Hitman series sits down with Evan to talk about Agent 47 and the tangled path that led David to playing the follically-challenged assassin. He also talks about his early career in South Africa, what it’s like to voice a character over multiple decades, and how Agent 47 almost ended up Jamaican.

David gave us so much great stuff that we had to break up this interview into 2 parts, the second part coming out next week. Also we’ll have more outtakes on our Patreon for all backers.

Opening Song – Hitman: Codename 47 Main Title
Closing Song – Bebop Rocksteady (Demo) by The Prizefighters

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