Ep. 14 – The Day Comics Broke the Internet!

Our much anticipated Gathering of Heroes is delayed once again, as Adam is out taking care of family on the home front. So, today’s show is brought to you by Dan and the returning Mike Deneen. Per Adam’s suggestion, the boys hit THE UPTOWN DINER on Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis. Mike enjoys the waffle combo. Dan is utterly defeated by the amazing Kamikaze French Toast.

No one would confuse Dan or Mike with Kim Kardashian. But the day that DC REBIRTH #1 and STEVE ROGERS: CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 came out was the day that comic books broke the internet. The show opens with much love for the new DC Comics logo, but divided opinions on the DC’s REBIRTH initiative. All agree that the event that brings love, compassion, and legacy back to the DC Universe is a very good thing. But Mike has issue with brining the WATCHMEN into the main DC Universe.

From there, the conversation moves to the aforementioned Captain America comic. Steve Rogers pledging his allegiance to HYDRA? How could this happen? Is it a dream sequence like on Dallas? Is it all the doings of the cosmic cube, Kubik? Why exactly are folks so upset by this turn of events? We have thoughts!

The show wraps up with Mike talking about the new COMIXOLOGY UNLIMITED monthly program. It looks like the this will become the Netflix of comics, and that is just plain awesome.

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