Ep. 12 – Bad Moon Rising

The Capes & Crepes On the Road Series continues! Capes & Crepes brings comic books to all of your breakfast nooks. But just because you may be listening to the show in the morning, over a bowl of Cheerios, doesn’t mean the show is always recorded over said Cheerios. This episode was recorded late in the evening. Over drinks. And while Adam is slowly on the mend from a nasty battle with a tonsil infection, the co-host seat is once again filled by Minneapolis podcast personality Michael Deneen.

Also, comics!

Dan and Michael are huddled around the giant propane warmers on the patio of the fashionable The Sample Room in North East Minneapolis, not far from local landmark Psycho Susie’s. Michael is armed with a locally brewed brown ale. Dan has an old-fashioned mixed with rail bourbon. Dan is too cheap to pay for the brand-name stuff.

And now, the comics: Dan kicks off the podcast raving about Black Mask Studio’s newest 5-issue crime caper 4 Kids Walk into a Bank #1. Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss have crafted a crime story based around four pre-teens who would rather play D&D and eat ice-cream than get caught up in a crime story. This is book is Dan’s current obsession.

Dan and Michael then get into a detailed conversation about Marvel Comics Moon Knight #1. Who is the Fist of Khonshu, and what makes him so unique? Comic book superstar writer Jeff Lemire and artist Greg Smallwood kick of Moon Knight’s latest ongoing series with an imaginative and slightly disturbing tale.

The guys then segue into the news of The Punisher getting his own Netflix series. What did they like about the Punisher’s introduction in Daredevil S2? What would they like to see from Marvel’s badest good guy? Listen on, and you’ll know!

This episode is wrapped up with Michael presenting a round-up of some of the latest mini-series that didn’t quite stick the landing. Particularly, his thoughts on Fight Club 2, by Chuck Palahniuk, Cameron Stewart, and David Mack. Fight Club 2 was published by Dark Horse Comics.

As always, special thanks to our sponsor, Crimespree Magazine.