Ep. 10 – We Are the Champions

The bees attack Adam and Dan at Golden’s Deli ( )in Lowertown St. Paul!

Back to our normal, one-part episodes. Dan and Adam get right to it and talk about Black Mask Studio’s trippy memory erasing book, X’ed. One memory that wasn’t erased was Dan telling Adam to check out Marvel Comic’s new Vision title. Adam raves about that. Vision writer Tom King allows the guys to segue into some DC Rebirth talk.

The Back Issue Hunter returns with Adam talking about some forgotten 1970s Marvel fun, The Champions, with art by Adam’s favorite, John Byrne. Dan finally gets to tell you what you need with a brand new “You Need This” as he shares with us the 1995 Marvel Alternaverse title “The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe”. You really need this!

Also, the Capes & Crepes Road Trip is in the works!

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