Cosmic Slop Episode 41 – 12/9/09

What’s this? A late entry, from the outlying precincts? Why, I think its…yes! It is! It’s a new episode of Cosmic Slop.

In Cosmic Slop episode 41, tasteful Nineties power pop, angular Eighties new wave, iconic Seventies acid funk, and jaunty Sixties jazz-pop combine to form a powerful brew.  But wait, Chuck and Joel also add in a pair of Steely Dan-related rarities…  Now how much would you pay? Nothing?  SOLD!

Editor’s Note: Since it would be silly to pull down the episode we already posted, enjoy two shows for the price of one! In exchange, however, we would love it if you either joined on our forums or told your friends about Cosmic Slop or Fancy Pants Gangsters. Consider it paying it forward.

Matthew SweetSuper Baby
Elliott RandallBrother People
Steely DanDallas
Margo GuryanSunday Morning
Skull SnapsIt’s A New Day
BlancmangeLiving On The Ceiling

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