Cosmic Slop Episode 39 – 11/17/09

Cosmic Slop Episode 39 is a decades-spanning musical world tour!  This time around, Chuck and Joel’s six picks hail, all or in part, from five different nations, featuring an American child prodigy singer-songwriter, Dutch prog, early-90s Swede-pop, British post-sike noodling, a duet of US and UK pop heavyweights, and even a raging Caribbean steel band for good measure.  Confusing?  Perhaps!  Entertaining?  Most assuredly!

Mark Radice
Please Don’t Blow Up This Ship/New Day
Earth & Fire Invitation
Lever Brothers Gay Flamingoes SteelbandBlack Man’s Cry
Neil Sedaka & Elton JohnBad Blood
Fickle Pickle California Calling

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