Cosmic Slop Episode 38 – 10/14/09

Cosmic Slop forges onward and upward with their thirty-eighth agglomeration of long-lost musical marvels.  We journey from the psychedelic Pacific Northwest song stylings of the Poppy Family to the Delta-sprung Led Zeppelin pastiche of Zebra, and find some legitimately interesting and entertaining stuff hidden in the center.  Why isn’t Gene Pitney more popular?  How many well-known commercial jingles were performed by Bobby and/or Billy Alessi?  Who is behind the door, anyway?  We may not have the answers, but the fun is in the asking!

The Poppy FamilyThere’s No Blood In Bone
The Alessi BrothersOh Lori
Gene PitneySomething’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart
JellyfishThat Is Why
The Snivelling ShitsTerminal Stupid
Zebra Who’s Behind The Door?

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