Blogulator Radio Episode 89 – Upfronts Dump Truck Pt. II

In the second half of Blogulator Radio’s rundown of the five major networks’ new offerings for the 2013-2014 TV season, things get weird. Part I covered a whole bunch of crap that NBC and FOX are going to try to hoist on us and it was a pretty facile hate-fest. This time, however, there is enough promise between CBS, ABC, and The CW that it wasn’t just a bunch of teasing. Don’t get Qualler, Brigitte, Chris, or Jerksica wrong though – all three networks have their share of dumb and/or stale ideas. It felt strange, however, to commend CBS, for instance, for a popcorn thriller starring Dylan McDermott as an FBI agent that holds the president’s surgeon’s family hostage. Err, on second thought, reading that back doesn’t make it sound all that great.

There’s also talk of sitcoms starring Robin Williams, Will Arnett, Jeff Garland, Jerry O’Connell, Anna Faris, Rebel Wilson, James Caan, Fake Zach Galifinakis, and more. And dramas starring Josh Holloway, Christian Slater, the dad from That 70s Show, Agent Coulson, and more. Also The CW makes more shows starring attractive young people. Listen for the deets!

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