Blogulator Radio Episode 88 – Upfronts Dump Truck Pt. I

On the first of a two-part episode, Qualler, Brigitte, Chris, and Jerksica gather together to watch the trailers for two of the five major networks’ questionable offerings for the 2013-2014 TV season. The annual press barrage known as The Upfronts once again failed to invite the Blogulator Radio contingent to their fancy soirees and screenings, but don’t fret. This thing called The Internet lets us all feel special by allowing us the elite privilege of catching a glimpse of their upcoming pilots and series orders via a service called YouTube. It’s really quite spectacular.

This half of the program covers the new “shows” promised by FOX and NBC in the next year. “Shows” is in quote marks because, honestly, a lot of them look fake. Like this is an elaborate uber-tardy April Fool’s Joke. There is a show about robot cops that isn’t RoboCop, one about a daughter and mother having babies at the same time that isn’t Father of the Bride Pt. II, and one about a bumbling platoon of misfit soldiers that isn’t Stripes. But you know, something something only so many stories to tell something something. Also, Michael J. Fox, Sean Hayes, Martin Mull, James Spader, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Christopher Meloni all return to your television sets. So, you know, white guys. Won’t you come complain with us?

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