Blogulator Radio Episode 85 – Why Aren’t You Watching This?

And we’re back…again! Sorry for the delay, folks. Chris, Qualler, Brigitte, and Jerksica have been having life get in the way, but Blogulator Radio has returned – just with a caveat. To keep us a little more sane in our non-netcasting lives, we’re paring down the episode frequency to a biweekly basis. So from now on you can check in every other Monday for a new hour-long digest of TV complaining/discussion.

This installment features each member of the BR crew pleadingly indignantly with the rest about a show he/she is watching but some other factor of the group has somehow ignored. It’s a new maybe re-occurring feature called, appropriately, “Why Aren’t You Watching This?” Exclamation points and additional question marks may be added for effect if you so desire. Shows covered on this episode include Modern Family, The Following, Enlightened, Game of Thrones, Dance Moms, and more. Yes, you read that last one right. Dance Moms.

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