Blogulator Radio Episode 81 – I’ve Got Your Golden Globes Right Here

Chris and Jerksica thought they were going to predict the Golden Globe television nominations for this week’s edition of Blogulator Radio, but it turns out the buggers (aka The Foreign Press) went ahead and released their nominations when Chris and Jerksica weren’t paying attention last Thursday. So instead they analyze the nominees while they eat a silly amount of Oreos (hey Nabisco, you wouldn’t wanna sponsor a small-time television netcast, would ya?) and try to decide if they Golden Globes nominating committee are actually smarter than the Emmys voters because they are better at sticking to their own rules or if they’re actually dumber because they nominated The Newsroom, among other things. One thing is for sure – they’ll be watching the ceremony on January 13th, not only because they’re awards shows obsessives, but also because it’s being co-hosted by Tina Fey of 30 Rock and Amy Poehler of Parks & Recreation.

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