Twin Cities Tank Returns!

Those of you who follow the various feeds and friend pages of our erstwhile show Twin Cities Tank may have been a bit shocked to see a brand new episode appear down the pipe. Well it’s not terribly new, having been recorded in March, but it’s new to you guys. Pete & Brent got sucked into that terrible pit called Real Life, which made producing the show a bit tricky. But luckily for everyone, the guys are coming back to Fancy Pants Gangsters!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting the backlog of shows created before the Great Tank Drought began, and starting September 7th, TCT will be bringing all new shows to the internet on the first Wednesday of every month. There will be some minor changes, but everyone who dug the raunchy humor, comedian and musician interviews, and everything that made Twin Cities Tank one of our favorite shows to distribute won’t be disappointed.

So welcome back Pete And Brent by flooding or the various Facebooks and Twitters with your love. Just watch for Brent though, he can be a bit handsy.