The Well Fed Guide To Life Episode 341 – Wizard Modifications

Once again, earning that Mature tag.

While this week’s show begins with a deep meditation (for this show anyway) on profanity, eventually The Third Bird brings us our food, probably just to shut us up. Now I’m just picturing a big hawk divebombing us with a platter full of roasted chicken. What was I talking about again?

Tales of bad service, the disturbing mind that grills in the snow, and relative fondness for nuts are all discussed this week. Next week we promise to keep the swearing to a minimum.

Postscript: we kept calling it “The Bird” based on the sign on the window. We didn’t realize that the sign has one of those magic-eye illusions that hides the “third.” Go to the website, you’ll see what we mean.

Image credit to Kazu Kibuishi.

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