Locust Lecture Episode 20 – Challenge To Finland

Finland is doing pretty good, but we’d like them to do better. We’re a little selfish in our demands, but we know they can do it.

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MoRkObOt – Orkotomb – MoRbO
Baptists – Bachelor Degree Burn – Baptists
400 Blows – We Killed Like Champions – Sickness and Health
Enduser – Wrong Turn – Even Weight
Exocet – No U Turn – Consequence
Hecq – Sura – Sura
Balkansky & Loop Stepwalker – 8.9 – Adhesion
Ackryte X AL_PD – Spaceface – Sentenia
Koan Sound – Funk Blaster – Funk Blaster
Mustard Pimp – Pharaohs – No Title or Purpose
Demonic Death Judge – Shitgiant – The Descent

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