Girl Germs Episode 8 – GLBT, CLAP, DIY, ETC.

Today’s episode of Girl Germs is all about the acronyms, specifically these ones: GLBT, CLAP and DIY. Confusing, right? Let us explain.

Twin Cities Pride is coming up later this month, so we figured it would be a great time to highlight some of our favorite GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) artists. Make sure to check out our interview with JD Samson (of MEN and Le Tigre) and to read up on Seth from Hunx and His Punx, who is one of our honorary ladies. Also watch the blog next week for a rundown of Pride events!

GLBT issues have often overlapped with DIY (do it yourself) culture, which is the focus of the second part of the show. Holly and Lisa from the Twin Cities-based CLAP (Creative Ladies Are Powerful) zine, a collection of writings, recipes, advice and artwork by—you guessed it—creative ladies, pick out some music for us. The summer issue of CLAP comes out June 24, and the artists featured on this episode of Girl Germs pull double duty as contributors to it. Watch our blog next week for more info on CLAP, including how you can win a copy!

The Gossip – Left Out Now (Real Damage)

Tribe 8 – Tranny Chaser (Snarkism)
Janis Ian – Sweet Misery (Society’s Child)
Hunx and his Punx – Lover’s Lane (Too Young to Be in Love)
Mirah – Jerusalem (C’mon Miracle)
Luscious Jackson – Gypsy (Electric Honey)
MEN – Credit Card Babies (Talk About Body)
Lesbians on Ecstacy – Sisters in the Struggle (We Know You Know)
Stacian – I Froze (Demo)
Littlefoot – Alis (Mermanimal EP)
Cadette – Teething (Demo)
Austra – The Beat and the Pulse (The Beat and the Pulse 12″)

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