Ep. 696 – Recorded Live On Tin Cans

Thanks to our Patrons, we were able to go for the fancy string.

Our first show across state lines, as Dave decides to call in tableside from Tin Can Alley in Albuquerque where he checks out SA BBQ and Sante Fe Brewing. Noted homer Evan meanwhile stays especially local with a trip down the street to Sunny’s Deli. Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties on the microphone side, so the audio quality isn’t up to our usual standards. Content standards, however, remain low but acceptable.

Evan finds nostalgia in two preteens trying to smooth-talk a bored cashier, while Dave sits in the warmth and plays the Mac And Tease game. A little jellybean love, Christopher Columbusing green chilis and legal weed billboards rivaling a certain spread-eagled menace also make appearances on the show this week, meanwhile Evan’s going to take a bat to his recording set up so we should be back to snuff next week.

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