Ep. 670 – Sandwich Philosophy

When you write the show notes, you get to pick the title.

Fuzzing the rules a bit this week, as the guys check out the Nordeast location of The Buttered Tin for the rare lunch show. We visited the first location back in 2014 for breakfast and really dug it, but will Second Meal (as the Bell calls it) be the Tin’s undoing?

Evan broaches the sensitive topic of Kraft Mac N Cheese again to Dave’s disapproving tutting, while said macaroni snob heads north and complains about staying all day on a boat. The term “Garrison Keillor Line” is coined and then replaced, a bargain for sour is struck and there’s a brief silent cameo from his honorable Frey.

We’ve got a new logo! Thanks to FPG master designer Ashley Hay for whipping it up for us.

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