Ep. 661 – Corned Beef And Marshmallows

A more classic pairing, there is not.

Dave managed to survive his Mountain Dew Zero Sugar experience long enough to join Evan at Protagonist this week. It’s been a while since the guys made it out to the ‘burbs but when the siren call of central air sounds, you can’t resist.

Evan details his current ‘mallows and future cheese while Dave regales us of his quest to find the perfect balance within a Reuben sandwich while also being a gluttonous toad. The joy of sauces, cracker antipathy and making your dad cry on Father’s Day all show up, plus a few appearances of the Fun Waitress In A Slow Restaurant to really cap it off.

We’ve got a new logo! Thanks to FPG master designer Ashley Hay for whipping it up for us.

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