Ep. 638 – Why, Stevie Wonder, Why?

How could you not see the trouble ahead?

Seat in Hell secured, the guys decide to visit a thrice-episoded location. Where once existed pizza we really liked and then burgers we pretty much liked, now exists Bole Ethiopian Cuisine. Will we like this one, and if so, where will it rank? Only one way to find out and that’s to listen. If you can hear it over the blasting birthday beats, of course.

Dave wrestles with his elk (not a euphemism) while Evan has strong opinions on pot pies and more wobbly opinions on injira. Plus a brief preview of next week’s Jon Ham With One M Christmas Special.

Happy Birthday to the mystery lady in the booth next door.

We’ve got a new logo! Thanks to FPG master designer Ashley Hay for whipping it up for us.

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