Ep. 623 – Good Bad vs Bad Bad

I was told there’d be no math. Is this math? It feels like math.

Another week, another stop at a local brewery playing host to a food truck. This week brings the boys to the sunny shores of Fridley and Forgotten Star Brewing, at which was camped the Griddle On The Go. Which seems odd, since it wasn’t going at the time, but Griddle On The Stop sounds weird. Where am I going with this?

Anywho, Dave makes good on a promise from last week by bringing an agenda of items. Not only do the guys finally review Black Widow, but they also cover some of the crazy food and drinks we can all look forward to at this year’s State Fair. Assuming it happens no thank you stupid people.

We’ve got a new logo! Thanks to FPG master designer Ashley Hay for whipping it up for us.

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