Ep. 596 – Hit The Radish Button

Shouldn’t have clicked so hard…

We made it folks. And by that I mean we (being Dave and Evan) made it (meaning this show). Also we survived 2020, but if you are reading this, so did you, so good on you!

This week’s show sends the guys hither and yon in search of tacos. Evan’s search brings him to Pollo Movil while Dave continues the “fast taco” theme with a delivery from El Taco Riendo Express. And while neither of them where particularly fast, we blame the delivery services.

Dave’s gift of sweetness to Evan is covered, as is his long-standing relationship with the Swiss Colony catalog. Evan meanwhile twirls his waxed mustache about artisanal marshmallows and tasty kakes from the Far East.

Thank you to everyone who listened this year and we hope to hear from you in 2021!

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