Ep. 573 – Dipn’ Mustard

This ain’t no sipping mustard.

This week brings the guys to the Boiling Outside in search of beer and bratwurst, which lands them in a little neighborhood in St. Paul at the Waldmann Brewery & Wurstery. And while the idea of turning a people house into a brewhouse is appealing, this could be just an elaborate ploy to show off a particularly cool side yard to the envious neighbors.

Dave talks about his trip to Surly Brewing and how it manages chaos by handing out free pizzas. He also goes on a trek to find pickled mustard greens in pursuit of Thai cooking mastery, while Evan just plans for his houseboat days and tries to figure out the difference between pickled cucumbers and pickles. And yes he refuses to search it. Something about “that’s how they get you”.

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