Ep. 568 – Leprechauns By The Chubload

Is that more or less than a buttload? What about a shedload? Metric or imperial?

This week has the guys getting scrubby (in the TLC sense, not the washing sense) with some bar-and-grill food. Deep friers as far as the eye can see. Dave visits the Lookout Bar And Grill (which he incorrectly labeled as the bar which attempted to sell Spotted Cow a few years ago) and delights the class with a description of “broasted chicken“. Meanwhile, Evan stays in the neighborhood and checks out Pappy’s and gives an unwitting death stare to a passing motorist.

Meal kits from Smack Shack and Hope Breakfast Bar, Simpsons trivia, Mighty Ducks confusions and the merits of “animal style”. All things to keep you entertained when you can’t go do anything better.

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