Ep. 551 – Grandpa’s Meat Stamp

We wish you a Jon Hamm Christmas, we wish you a Jon Hamm Christmas…

Let it not be said we don’t follow a plan. Seriously, don’t say it. It’s Christmas. Be nice. Besides, it’s not true, because as promoted last week, the guys check out the long lost cousin of the fabled Oak Grill, the Lakeshore Grill deep within the bowels of the Southdale Macy’s. Despite pushing right up against the edge of our “no chains” rule, the Lakeshore Grill does promise a menu lifted directly from the fondly remembered downtown Minneapolis club which served generations of Daves before capitalism ruined Christmas.

Speaking of capitalism, shout outs go out once again this year to Hackenmueller Meats and Kramarczuk’s for providing the gift-tubes (or is it tube-gifts?).

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