Ep. 550 – The Griddle Pillow & Other Brilliant Ideas

A no-frills milepost episode, because the holidays are frilly enough.

If 2019 has been anything for this show, it’s been a good year for St. Paul. The guys have visited old Pigs Eye more this year than most years combined, this week seeing them check out Gray Duck Tavern (which isn’t Goose Tavern because we do things right in Minnesota) for comfort food and comfortable cookware-based home decor.

Dave continues his Holiday Fun With Grandma series and once again brings up Scarlet Pasta, while Evan talks about hand-me-down kitchenware and pot-pie taxonomy. Plus furniture soiling, the truth about parsley, and mild hating on In-N-Out. But it’s mild, so keep your pitchforks stowed.

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