Ep. 538 – Traveling Bards

An especially musical State Fair episode this year, for better and worse.

Another year, another State Fair under our shared belts (which was also our act in the school talent show. Don’t ask). And while this year’s new offerings are a more mixed bag than usual, as always the fair offers delights behind the artery-hardening and pancreas-destroying. Things like random bands murdering perfectly innocent songs, unnecessary engine revving from parked stock cars, DJs with loose grips on the calendar, and of course the ever-present terror associated with the Butterfly House.

But that’s not why you listen, is it? You just want to hear about the food. You think we are just here for your amusement, don’t you? Well I should tell you….

What? We are? Oh.

Carry on.

Well Fed State Fair Menu, 2019 Edition
Blueberry Key Lime Pie – Minnesota Farmer’s Union
Lavender Lemonade – Minnesota Farmer’s Union
Irish Whiskey Boneless Wings – O’Garas
Shrimp And Grits Fritters – Funky Grits
No Bologna Coney – Mancini’s
Cayenne Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich – Thelma’s
Deep Fried Dilly Dog – Swine And Spuds
Turkish Pizza – Blue Moon Dine In
Hot Chicken On A Stick – Blue Barn
Breakfast Potato Skin – Blue Barn

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