Ep. 535 – You’re A Cheese Feature

Maturity, thy name is Well Fed Guide To Life.

I’m starting to wonder if there’s anything left in Minneapolis, given how often the guys have been hitting St. Paul lately. This time, Black Dog Cafe hosts our weary travelers, and while dogs of any color were scarce and the ‘cafe’ quality is debated, it did…wait…there’re no more words in the title. Hmmm.

Dave talks about becoming a Boston baked bean while visiting Ristorante Lucia, Gourmet Dumpling House, Mike’s Pastry, Legal Seafood and Union Oyster House and Evan buys a ticket to Netflix Expiration Theater with a recommendation for The Founder, for people that wanted to learn the history of McDonalds with Ron Swanson and Beetlejuice.

You didn’t know you wanted that, but now you do, don’t you.

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